Completion of deliverable D4.3

On 25-11-2020, deliverable D4.3 was completed: “Τhe Integration testing of the web application with the PoC, regarding operation, and the collaboration between the web application, the instrument and the users was tested and released”.

Completion of deliverable D3.3

On 30-11-2020, the deliverable D3.3 «Development of sub-systems for control of flow, temperature, and sensors» (Μ28) was completed.

Completion of deliverable D3.2.2

On 30-11-2020, the deliverable D3.2.2 «Development of software for control, user-interface and communication with cloud server» (Μ28) was completed.

Completion of deliverable D3.2.1

On 30-11-2020, the deliverable D3.2.1 «Development of hardware for control and processing of PoC instrument» (M28) was completed.

Completion of deliverable D4.2

On 15-7-2020, deliverable D4.2 was completed: “Application software design documentation. Application software with successful testing of functionality, Software testing strategy documentation. Functional Test Cases”. (M24)

Completion of deliverable D2.2

On 30-4-2020 the completion of the deliverable D2.2 was carried out: “Protocol of electrochemical detection of bacterial DNA on GO surface”